OSINT Resources

OSINT is all about finding the data you need to move the investigation forward. Keep digging...pull the sting until it ends!

This bookmark list is maintained as often as possible. You can follow @Adv4n6 on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for the latest OSINT / DFIR news. If you come across a cool link, tool, or technique, please reach out to me at: [email protected] for it to be added. Good luck in your search!! Always keep digging!! Last Update: 8/10/2019

Search Engines

General OSINT References

Compendium site of OSINT and DFIR resources.
OSINTDFIR Discord Server
This is a companion group to this site hosted on a Discord Server dedicated to all manner of OSINT & DFIR topics. Comprised of public and private sector practitioners as well as students and researchers, you can ask questions or get real time assistance / guidance to help you with your work.
The Advanced Google Search Cheat Sheet
Article about advanced google searching techniques
Internet Service Provider list by SEARCH - Great for finding where to serve process, etc.
Intel Techniques
Intel Techniques - A great resource owned and operated by Michael Bazzell
OSINT Framework
Open Source repository of OSINT data sources
Bellingcat's Online Investigation Tool Kit
Tools used by Bellingcat in their investigations
Databases, search engines, tools and more to help you investigate online and improve your skills
Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine
Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies & music, as well as 332 billion archived web pages.

Investigative Account Creation

Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator
Great for coming up with profile/persona/sock-puppet names and details
This Person Does Not Exist
Great tool for investigators to come up with new/unused/not on the internet photos to use for investigative profiles. AI created, pretty cool!

Amnesty Youtube Metadata Tool

Search Engines

  Duck Duck Go
  Yahoo Advanced
  Million Short
Have I Been Pwned
Have I Been Pwned allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email address has been compromised.

International Search Engines

  Yandex (Russia)
  Baidu (China)
  Daum (Korea)
  Goo (Japan)
  Parseek (Iran)

Newspaper Search Engines

  Newspaper Archive
  Newspaper Search
  Find My Past
  Genealogy Bank
  Online Newspapers
  Library of Congress Newspapers I
  Library of Congress Newspapers II

Advanced / Specialized Google Search

  Google Groups
  Google News Archive
  Google Newspaper Archive
  Google Scholar
  Google Patents
  Google Alerts
  Google Keywords
  Google CSE
  Google Input Tools
  Google Advanced Search
  Google FTP
  Google Index Search
  Yahoo Groups

Dark Web Search

  Onion City
  Dark Search
  Not Evil
Not Evil is a .onion address. You will need to be on Tor Browser.
Torch is a .onion address. You will need to be on Tor Browser.
  Hidden Wiki

Email Search

  LinkedIn Email Search URL
  Paste Leakes
  Amazon Buckets
  Domain Big Data
  Public Mail Records
  Pipl Email
Pipl is now a paid-only tool.
  People Looker
  Go Lookup
  Email Permutator
  Email Format
  Email Hunter
  Prospect Linked

Email Verification

  Hunter Mail Tester

Breach Data Search

  Leaked Source
  Ghost Project
  We Leak Info
  Ashley Madison Leaks
  Paste Leaks
  Intelligence X

People Search

Pipl is now a paid-only tool.
Family Tree Now
Have I Been Pwned
Have I Been Pwned allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email address has been compromised.
  Advanced Backgrounds
  True People Search
  People By Name
  People Finder
  Public Records
  Go Lookup
  Public Mail Records
  Zaba Search
  Find A Grave
  192 (UK)

IP Addresses / Tracing

IP Chicken
GoDaddy - whois
Domain Tools - whois
Central Ops
whois - Robtex
IP Logger
  IPV6 Locator
  Threat Crowd
  I Know What You Downloaded

Domain Name Search

  Pub DB
  Domain Crawler
  Domain Eye
  DNS Dumpster
  Domain Big Data
  Domain Tools
  DNS History
  TCPIP Utils
  DNS Trails
  URL Scan
  Visual Site Mapper
  Blue Backlinks
  SEO Backlinks
  SEO Plagiarism
  Domain Dossier
  Reddit Domain ID
  Email Hunter
  Similar Web
  SEM Rush
  Page to Images 

Telephone Search

  CallerID Test
  CID Service
  True Caller
  Sync Me
  Reverse Genie
  Number Guru
  Mr. Number
  Phone Owner
  US Phonebook
  Dex White Pages
  Reverse Phone Lookup
  Caller Smart
  Cell Revealer
  Super Pages
  800 Notes
  Toll Free 800 Directory 
  Free Carrier Lookup
  TextMagic Carrier Lookup
  Carrier Lookup



As of 8/1/2019 Facebook has changed the way graph searching works. Most tools outside of the platform can no longer perform searches due to the Base64 encoded JSON scheme of the query now being encrypted.
nemec Facebook search method
Facebook Scanner
Le-tools.com - ExtractFace
Facebook Recover Lookup
Facebook Live Videos
Facebook Events
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Directory
Facebook Bulk ID
Facebook Intersect


Twitter Advanced Search Techniques
Twitter Advanced Search
Social Bearing
All My Tweets
Really useful free Twitter analytics. Search and download timelines, friends and followers. Get account data, Twitter ID and more
Tweet Deck
Twitter Location Search
  Twitter Time Search
  All My Tweets
  First Tweet
  GeoSocial Footprint
  MIT Map
  Twitter Name Search
  Status People
  Followerwonk Analysis
  Followerwonk Compare
  Followerwonk Bios
  Twitter Directory


Picodash a paid tool.
MacOS Instagram tool.
  Download Gram
  IG Stories